In 2011 Haren Consulting commenced leadership, personal and group development programs toegther with our associate company Outback Initiatives. Working closely with our customers we provide individually designed programs that not only achieve the client’s specific outcomes but also initiate personal and organisational positive change that is ongoing and sustainable. These challenging, outdoor programs enable people to identify, understand and address individual and work place issues. Our programs are experiential in nature thus subjecting participants to the practical aspects of working with other people, understanding their own and others behaviours and finding ways to achieve win/win outcomes in working relationships. While the program is an outdoor-based program, there is no bias towards age, physical fitness or gender.

Our Programs

The programs are outdoor-based programs which could include such activities as abseiling, kayaking, caving, navigating etc and can be catered for any period from 3 to 28 days. We have numerous locations in which we conduct the programs including the Margaret River and  Kimberley regions in WA but can base our programs in most regions of Australia. Experienced facilitators lead participants through a series of activities and debriefs. The real power of experiential programs come from our underlying methodologies and the development of a number of individual and team aspects in parallel. Participants gain a greater understanding of their organisations’ culture and values, develop and understanding of their own style and how they interact within the group, strengthen their relationships with others within the group and develop and enhance their communication, planning and conflict resolution skills.


Participants undergo the DiSC behavioural profiling which will enable them to identify their own behavioural style, identify their strengths and weaknesses, anticipate and minimise potential conflict and also helps them to read and understand others better. It is also an ideal tool for giving and receiving feedback in a positive, non-threatening manner. Our programs are extremely successful, sustainable and are powerful tools for all organisations we are associated with.
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The purpose of the program is to expose participants to an intensive and challenging leadership program and developing a broad range of leadership skills. We provide both leadership theory and practical leadership experience through a series of challenging experiential activities and which is based upon personal development. The program is experiential in nature and consequence-based, thus subjecting participants to the practical aspects of working with and leading others, understanding their own and others behaviours, understanding team dynamics and finding ways to achieve win/win outcomes in working relationships.


The program is designed to achieve the following outcomes:

                    Allows the opportunity for participants to develop an understanding of the impact they themselves have with regards to others within the organisation. This also allows the opportunity to develop inter-company initiatives and determine where improvements can be made;

                    Developing a ‘single culture’ shared vision and values as well as a ‘common’ language;

                    Develop and maintain a collaborative approach to business planning;

                    Developing a single ‘culture’ through robust relationships between them. It is envisaged these relationships will facilitate more positive outcomes for the organisation as a whole;

                    Provide the opportunity to develop strategies to better manage shared resources;

                    Provide a positive proactive networking environment to maintain and sustain these relationships which will allow participants to amicably resolve specific group issues;

                    Improved ability to work effectively within their existing teams as well as the new ‘combined’ team;

                    Developing and commitment to a common team action plan which will result in opportunities for increased profitability throughout the different organisations;

                    Understanding of self in terms of leadership, identifying personal leadership styles, strengths and weaknesses and accepting individuals differences and leadership styles;

                    Developing effective communication skills including giving and receiving honest feedback;

                    Developing more effective interpersonal communications;

                    Understanding and developing emotional intelligence;

                    Understanding team development and team processes – use of behavioural models and problem solving processes, including managing conflict.

Results and follow up

Companies that have successfully completed these programs include Argyle Diamond WA, Australian Rural Leadership, Coles Group Management, Hamersley Iron WA, Nifty Copper WA and the Singapore Ministry of Home Affairs including the Singapore Police, Singapore Prisons and the Singapore Ghurkha contingent.  Feedback from these companies has been positive with comments such as "Mentally, emotionally and sociably challenging, but the rewards gained from the comradeship, self learning and understanding of human perceptions were invaluable”


We believe it is imperative to keep the momentum and energy of the program and the participant learning through regular meetings or follow-ups. These meetings, either formal or informal, can be used to review action steps, review progress, examine outcomes and examine other options which have arisen since program completion. Haren Consulting are happy to act as an external facilitator to assist the Sponsor to achieve their desired outcomes/goals. Alternatively, this function can be performed in-house by the sponsor.

For further information in regards our leadership and development programs please conatact Stuart Campbell via email or by phone on 0407 401 760.



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